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Terms of Use

1) This agreement sets out the legally binding terms of your (you are hereafter referred to as Player) use of the Glory of Fellowland -strategy game (hereafter referred to as GoF). These terms may be modified by GoF, and such modifications will be effective upon posting by GoF on the web site.

By playing GoF, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this agreement and to abide by all of the Terms of Use of this agreement.

2) Violating any of these terms, according to GoF's judgement, will lead to one or more of the following:

  • temporary penalty
  • account termination
  • a permanent ban
  • deletion or change of any or all Player related content, such as pictures, game assets (village, units, resources, Plus-points, sciences, skills, account abilities)

3) Player is not allowed to act, post or send to other members any information or content that is illegal.

4) Player is not allowed to post or send to any members any material that infringes or violates another's rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and publicity).

5) GoF reserves the right, but has no obligation, to reject any accounts it deems unacceptable.

6) Player may clear their existing account at any time. This will clear contact information such as email, but not delete all account data.

7) GoF is not liable for loss of data or any damages the service might cause you, your computer, or anything else related to you.

8) GoF reserves the right to cancel player account at any time for any reason, without prior notice. The reason will be justified if this becomes necessary, however GoF is under no obligation to provide such justification.

9) GoF gives no warranty or guarantee about the availability of the service. It is provided "as is", and may be discontinued at any time without prior notice.

10) If Player account is terminated, player is not entitled to any content or proprietary related to account.

11) The game and the game realms respectively are continuously updated, adjusted, extended and modified in order to make the game interesting for a large number of players long term. Player is not entitled to any justification due changes done in game logic, technology or functionality, even if player have bought in-game currency.

12) GoF reserves the right to cease operation of the game or of individual game worlds at any time without having to state reasons for this.

13) When game realm is finished or ceased for other reason, players are credited for unused and bought diamonds automatically for next round for that specific realm after few days of the launch of the realm round. Other game elements, such as amulets, items, resources, units and villages are not credited.

14) Players are advised not to hold several accounts for one game realm at the same time. Player acknowledges that several operations may be blocked if they are deemed as an act of multi-accounting. Even GoF makes it best efforts to make fair detection, players using same computer or other shared network resources can be deemed as a same person even that would not be true in reality.

15) Player must ensure that the password they has received for their access is being kept secret.

16) Player is only entitled to use the game through normal web browsers. Any further use of additional programs, scripts or other supporting tools is expressly prohibited.

17) It is prohibited to use errors in the programming for one's own advantage. No measures may be taken either which lead to an overload of the servers, as this may massively affect the operation of the game for all players.

18) Player shall ensure that e-mails sent by GoF to the e-mail address provided by the Player at the time of registration, or at a later time, actually reach him. This shall be ensured by corresponding settings of spam filter preferences and by regular checks of this address.

19) Player is aware that the GoF - like any software - can not be completely fault-free. GoF makes it's best effort to minimize technical and logical problems, and may, but is not entitled, to compensate players in such cases where severe problems occur. These compensations are done by fixing the problem, or if this is not practical enough, diamonds are given to a Player. If the problem affects all or a relatively large number of players, it is interpreted that players are treated equally and no compensations are paid. Player is not entitled to any compensation due an error listed in "known bugs" list in GoF website. If compensation is paid, the amount is defined by the magnitude of the problem and the maximum amount of diamonds bought in last 30 days.

20) Player is aware that the GoF - like all games - may have logic which Player is not aware or works against Player assumption. It is also possible that there are incorrect or misleading information available, even GoF makes it's best effort that this shall not happen. Player is not entitled for a compensation in this kind of cases.

21) Once diamonds are bought, player is not entitled to any refund or compensation, not even if he stops playing for any reason. Diamonds can not be transferred to another realm, except stated in clause 13.

22) Player do not gain ownership any of the elements of the game, including but not limited to diamonds, amulets, units, resources and villages.

23) GoF reserves right to communicate only in english language even other languages might, might not be or might be partly available.

24) GoF operates under law of Finland.

Data protection

25) Player personal data shall only be stored and used and, if applicable, passed on to involved co-operation partners to the extent necessary for the execution and handling of the contracts for the use of GoF. Otherwise, personal data shall only be collected, processed or used in as far as the user has expressly agreed to this before such data are collected, processed or used, or if a legal provision allows such. GoF shall not transfer the stored data to third parties without the Player's prior approval. Statutory requirements are excluded from this. The user agrees to the electronic storage and processing of data by registration for the opening of a game account.

26) In addition to the e-mail address provided during registration, GoF shall store the IP addresses of previous visits, Player's browser information and Player data given voluntarily in the game. GoF may save and use data provided by 3rd parties such as payment providers or mobile operators.

27) Should the Player have expressly agreed to this, GoF shall be entitled to continue to inform the user of game status or changes via e-mails. The user can object to this at any time and request deletion of their data from the mailing list.

28) For purposes of handling of payments, GoF shall be entitled to transfer user data to external service providers assigned with the collection of the remuneration, in as far as this is necessary for the determination of the remuneration and settlement of accounts with the user.

29) For technical reasons, participation in the game is not possible without storage of the user data. Should a player request complete deletion of their data, this shall automatically result in a deletion of their account. In such cases, there is no right to re-claim any paid remuneration, unless otherwise determined in these Terms. This does not apply should GoF be responsible for the premature cancellation of the game user contract or for the reasons for the request for the deletion of data.

30) GoF may display players real name and photo to other players.

Updated 15. March 2011.